Dual Mode Virtual Wall™ Barrier for all Roomba® Series

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Compatible with all Roomba Series Robots

Dual Mode Virtual Wall™ Barrier
- The Dual Mode Virtual Wall® Barrier gives you greater control over where your robot cleans.
- Virtual Wall Mode keeps your robot in the rooms you want cleaned and out of the ones you don’t.
- Halo Mode keeps your robot away from items you want to protect.


The Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal eliminates the dusty and dirty mess often associated with emptying vacuum bins. This system’s Dirt Disposal bags hold 60 days of dirt and debris.
*Compared to the Roomba® 600 series cleaning system

Yes, the Roomba® j7+ robot vacuum uses PrecisionVision Navigation to recognise objects and avoid obstacles like charging cables and pet waste.

Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology describes the robot’s ability to learn, map and adapt to your home. Roomba® s9+ learns your floorplan as it cleans and remembers this map for future cleaning jobs – this enables the robot to determine the best way to clean based on the orientation of each room, furniture placement, etc. Once the robot has learned your space and you have labelled your rooms, your Smart Map also enables you to direct Roomba to clean a specific room, multiple rooms, or an entire level of your home all from the iRobot Home App.