Roomba Combo™ j5+吸拖機械人

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識別並避開寵物糞便和電線等障礙物,因此在清潔開始之前需要更少的整理工作。 iRobot OS 軟件提供貼心的智慧。全新 Roomba Combo™ j5+ 非常適合有寵物的家庭。此外,附贈的濕拖集塵盒可進行四段式清掃,徹底清潔。

Everyday vacuuming & occasional mopping日常吸塵和偶爾拖地Cleans dirtier areas more thoroughly with Dirt Detect™ technology備有DirtDetect™ 髒汙偵測技術更徹底清潔較髒的區域
Visual navigation identifies obstacles, avoids pet accidents and hazards視覺導航辨識障礙物,避免寵


Cleans by room, zone or object依房間、區域或物體進行清潔

Double the clean with one machine

A closer look at j5+

Double down on clean

Neat Rows Make for a More Efficient Clean

Advanced navigation and 2 cleaning passes allows Roomba™ robot to navigate your home in neat, efficient rows for a wall-to wall clean without missing a spot. With overlapping passes, your robot purposefully & logically cleans in parallel lines across multiple floor types.

Focuses on the dirt

Subhead: Proprietary Dirt Detect™ Technology allows the Roomba Combo™ j5+ robot to detect dirtier areas of your home and clean them more thoroughly when the Vacuum Bin is installed¹.

A mop designed for performance

Designed for wet floor mopping performance, just fill the Roomba Combo™ Bin with water or a compatible cleaning solution² and the specialised microfibre pad tackles footprints, dirt, and dust.

Automatically empties its bin on its own for up to 60 days

Cleans up after itself, emptying its Vacuum Bin¹ into an AllergenLock™ bag that holds up to 60 days of debris, which means two whole months of not thinking about vacuuming.

iRobot OS powers your robot to do more

Cleans where you tell it to clean

Pair your robot with Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant-enabled devices and use your voice³ to tell it to clean by the refrigerator, oven, and kitchen table. Then it goes into cleaning action.

Creates a map of your home after one run

Start cleaning your way even faster. Straight out of the box, your Roomba Combo™ j5+ robot vacuum and mop will create a complete map of your home 7x faster than before⁴ and automatically label each room type with up to 90% accuracy6 so you can clean wherever you want, whenever you want after just one run.
Disclaimer: *Compared to previous iRobot mapping technology. **Kitchens labeled with 90% accuracy, recognition of other rooms varies and may be lower.

iRobot OS delivers more personalised suggestions than any other robot

iRobot OS learns your cleaning habits and home to make personalised suggestions to clean right for you. Receive suggestions for scheduled cleanings, Keep Out Zones to avoid certain areas or objects, and Clean Zones for those common messy areas like your sofa or dining table that need a more targeted cleaning.

Come home to clean

With iRobot OS, you can choose to set your robot to start cleaning when you leave and stop when you come home, so you only notice the clean, but never the cleaning. For life’s do-not-disturb moments, you can schedule downtime for your robot when it won’t clean or empty.

Control it all with the iRobot Home App

The iRobot Home App gives you ultimate control over your clean. Enhanced maps, the ability to clean specific objects, custom routines, seasonal suggestions, and intuitive smart home integrations.

We care about you

Made with you in mind

iRobot OS does more than just clean—it connects and collaborates with you and your home. By learning, respecting, and adapting to your space, habits and preferences, iRobot OS can customise a cleaning plan that’s tailor-made for your floor plan.

We keep your data safe

Customers trust iRobot products to take care of their homes. Today, that trust matters more than ever. We use only the highest standards of data encryption and only use your information to improve your experience and your robots performance.

Backed by 30 years of experience

The iRobot promise is backed by 30 years expertise, innovation, and responsive service. That's why we've sold over 40 million home robots worldwide. If you ever need help, we're just a phone call or email away.


  • Roomba Combo™ j5 robot vacuum and mop
  • Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal
  • 1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
  • 1 Extra Edge-Sweeping Brush
  • Interchangeable Roomba Combo™ Bin
  • 1 Microfiber Mopping Pad
  • 1 Extra Dirt Disposal Bag 

Robot Dimensions (cm): 8.7 (L) x 33.8 (W) x 33.9 (H)

Robot Weight (kg): 3.4

Filter Type: High-Efficiency Filter

Battery Type: 2210 mAh Li-Ion

Vacuum Bin Capacity: 389 mL

Roomba Combo™ Bin Capacity: 276 mL

Roomba Combo™ Tank Capacity: 210 mL

Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal Dimensions (cm): 40.1 (L) x 31.0 (W) x 33.8 (H)

Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal Weight (kg): 3.95


A. The Roomba Combo™ j5+ robot instantly switches from vacuum to vacuum and mop mode when you install the Roomba Combo™ bin. To keep Roomba Combo™ j5+ robot from mopping carpets and rugs, set up No Mop Zones in the iRobot Home App —or use your voice assistant** or iRobot Home App to only clean rooms without rugs or carpets. Note: When the Roomba Combo Bin™ is being used, the Roomba Combo™ j5+ will always vacuum and mop simultaneously. If you wish to just vacuum for all floor types remove the Roomba Combo Bin™ and install the dry bin for vacuuming.

A: Yes, you can customise your clean in two different modes by swapping the bins: vacuum only using the dry bin or vacuum and mop your hard floors by activating and inserting the Roomba Combo™ cleaning bin.

A: You can use water or a compatible cleaning solution for wet mopping. See the list of compatible cleaning solutions that are iRobot tested and approved for use here

A: Yes, the mop pad is washable. It should be cleaned after each job in cold, warm, or hot water by hand or in the washing machine. The pad should be replaced after 30 machine washes for best performance.

A: Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology describes the robot’s ability to learn, map and adapt to your home. It learns your floorplan as it cleans and remembers this map for future cleaning jobs. Once the robot has learned your space you can tell it which rooms to clean and your robot will know which cleaning method to use based on the bin installed.

A: Yes, the Roomba Combo™ j5+ robot vacuum uses PrecisionVision Navigation to recognise objects and avoid obstacles like charging cables and pet waste. Object Detection must be enabled in the iRobot Home App in order to use.

A: Yes, Cleaning crumbs is now as easy as “Roomba, clean under the kitchen table.” A simple request to your voice assistant* or via the iRobot Home App enables the Roomba Combo™ j5+ robot vacuum and mop to clean messes for you, right when they happen—immediately clean that spot and consider it done.

A. The Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal eliminates the dusty and dirty mess often associated with emptying vacuum bins. This system’s Dirt Disposal bags hold 60 days of dirt and debris. Please note: Automatic Dirt Disposal not available when Mopping Bin is installed.

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1 When the Roomba Combo® Mopping Bin is in use, Dirt Detect™️ technology and Automatic Dirt Disposal are disabled. Just swap in the Vacuuming Bin and your robot will know to reengage these features.

2 See Find Answers | iRobot for list of compatible cleaning solutions

3 Works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant-enabled devices. Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of or its affiliates. Google is a trademark of Google LLC. Siri is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.

4 Compared to previous iRobot mapping technology.

5 Kitchens labeled with 90% accuracy, recognition of other rooms varies and may be lower.